October 12th, 2010, 8:45 am

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Reply Sir Bacon, October 12th, 2010, 8:55 am

"Long time no see, everyone. First let me explain a few things: 1. The comic isn't dead. 2. I'm not dead. 3. Disco isn't dead." - Fallon Willard, author of the webcomic Fox Tails.

So, it may seem like I've been neglecting MKZA recently. Quite frankly, that's because I have. Various other aspects of my life have gotten in the way, I'm trying to modify the original Princess Peach sprite so I can have Peach & Daisy while still having a limited color palette for them, and there's also this evil thing called writer's block that likes to taunt me. :P

I also decided that, instead of scaling the pixels to 200%, I'd just make a panel 200% sized, more or less, with 100% sized pixels, meaning I have to make about four times as much scenery as I used to, but the characters won't be as restricted in their movements any more, and a castle can be fully seen even while characters are talking.

Not to mention I'm spending much of my free time this month going from one Goodwill store to another, looking for things I can use for my Halloween costume.

All in all, know that I still have big plans for this comic, even if it seems to be dead for a while. Again, very sorry, but hey, it's life.

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