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Mario defeated Bowser and saved the Princess. He remained in Mushroom Kingdom at the Toads' insistence to be guest of honor at a celebration for saving the kingdom. Then, just as he's about to take the warp pipe home, he's told of a terrible new threat: zombies are on the loose! Mushroom Kingdom may be doomed, but Mario won't let it die without a fight!

August 6th, 2010, 3:23 pm

Slight delay...

I'm afraid I have to apologize to all my faithful readers- or rather my six fans whose faithfulness or lack thereof cannot accurately be appraised at this time, and possibly an occasional reader or five who either hasn't favorited MKZA or does not have a Smack Jeeves account yet- for missing today's update. I didn't have a very large buffer made when I started the comic, and right now my summer class has started to speed up as the semester comes to a close.

This means that, perhaps for just a week or two, or perhaps for the next several months, MKZA will have a tenuous Monday/Friday schedule. If and when I have a large enough buffer and adequate free time to work consistently on the comic, I will switch over to a regular MWF schedule.

July 26th, 2010, 3:33 pm


So, I actually have a sprite comic hosted now... MKZA is mostly a just-for-fun comic that allows me to flex my comic-making and story-telling muscles.

I got the idea for this comic when messing around with some Toad sprites. For some reason I recolored one grey and the idea of Zombie toads struck a chord with me, and so after some tweaking and development, here we are...

Credit for the original sprites used so far goes to SageFox, Ultragm2003, and Rogultgot, along with various anonymous entities. Many of the sprites you see in this comic will be recolored or modified for stylistic reasons.

Programs used for this comic include MSPaint and GIMP.

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Mushroom Kingdom Zombie Apocalypse